Align with intuition and love [Video]


Times are changing… Can you feel the shift in energy?

There are several planetary shifts we are currently going through that are bringing in new energy to help you own your power, get in gear with renewed forward momentum, and open your heart to love.

In this video I share with you what these shifts are all about and give you practical guidance on how you can use this energy to move your business and life forward with grace and ease.

Much Love,

8 thoughts on “Align with intuition and love [Video]

    1. Hi Terra, You are most welcome! It feels like you just made a shift. I would love to hear what that shift is for you?

  1. OMG Prema; As an Aries this Mars shift is HUGE! I am now feeling into the energies and so amazingly grateful to be able to do so. Falling in love with myself! Thanks for your shedding of light into dark spaces.

    1. Hi Pam,

      You are so welcome! What the dark spaces need is light..What are you going to use your amazing fire for? What are you working on in your business of life?


  2. Loved this post, everything seems to be hitting on the nail for me in regards to relationships and career. I do have a question though, how do you find that it’s best to realign? You mentioned that It was time to reline, how do you do that, do you have any tips ? Thank you!

    1. I am so glad this hit the a nail on The head for you and help to shed some light on relationships and career. As far as re-aligning goes… you first have to know what it is that you are aligning to. You have to be very clear about what your soul calling is, what you want to create for yourself, so you can online your energy and your choices. I help my clients do that but understanding their Sacred Wealth Code so they can really understand and align with their divine gifts. This also includes getting past your shadow aspects. You have to clear those blocks and old beliefs out so that you can truly make conscious choices that are in full alignment with you. I will address the subject deeper in my next blog. What is the number one thing you want to realign in your life or business?

      Here is a link to a meditation that I give my clients to help them realign on a daily basis. Sole wisdom meditation:

  3. Only the left 2/3rd of your video shows on my Samsung smart phone.
    Thank you for your message. Times have been intense.

    1. I hear times have been intense for you. What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing? Please the to see the rest of the video from you computer. It plays all the way through and I have had no one else have this issue.


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