February New Moon Vedic Astrology Forecast and Mercury Retrograde | Deep Changes

We are under an epic transit that has not happened since 1962. All the planets except for one is in Capricorn in Vedic Astrology, including Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon.

This planetary pile up is putting almost everything you know to be true under pressure and causing deep internal change. You may feel stressed, anxious, indecisive, but hang in there… with an internal focus you will get to the other side soon!

This powerful New Moon on February 11th will reset the energy for the next 30 days. Some of the themes it is bring in are:

  • Restructuring what’s not working
  • Getting in sync with a natural rhythm
  • Divine timing
  • Tuning in to intuition
  • Letting go of control

Watch the video below and I will share with you how to navigate this energy, so you can move with it and get the gifts that this epic transit and New Moon has for you.


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