January 2023 Vedic Astrology Forecast | Major Shifts

Happy New Year! I hope you have enjoyed the holidays.

We are in for some major shifts that will bring you clarity and give you back your mojo, but not until mid month.

This month starts slowly with Mercury retrograde until January 17th and Mars retrograde until January 14th. Use the first half of the month to reflect on 2022 instead of trying to set your intentions and soul goals for 2023.Β Come mid month you will feel a lot more clear about what you want to create for the year to come.

Saturn only shifts signs every two and a half years and will shift into Aquarius on January 17th. This is a major shift that will call you to step into your social dharma (purpose) in a new way.

The Full Moon in Gemini on January 6th is known as the “star of renewal”. This potent comic energy will support you in aligning and taking action on your soul goals for the year.

The healing portal will be open for healing what keeps us stuck and prevents us from taking inspired action to bring our hearts desires into fruition!

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Watch the forecast and I will guide you on how to navigate the planetary energy at the start of this new year..

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