Lunar Eclipse May 2021 Vedic Astrology + Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Get ready for change! We are starting to rock and roll as we have entered Eclipse season. They usually come in pairs and this pair starts with an emotional Super Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26th.

The purpose of Eclipses is to agitate certain areas of life, so that we grow… They shake out what is not serving us and bring in new opportunities. You must stay present, let go of attachments and go with the flow in order to successfully ride this unpredictable energy.

And… there is even more change afoot because Mercury will Retrograde on May 30th. Yup another Mercury Retrograde… we get three a year and although retrogrades come with their own set of challenges this one has great benefits too.

Watch the video below and I will share with you how to navigate these big shifts, so you can go with the flow of this great time of change and not get knocked off course by it.

Much Love,

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