Hi, I'm Prema.

I believe that our core purpose is to be true to ourselves,
so we can claim our power and wholeness,
be of service
and manifest wealth
in our own unique and meaningful ways.

When we do what we are uniquely great at - rather than what we are merely good at - we invoke the power of our soul blueprint and our divine birthright. 

It is my greatest pleasure to use my high-value gifts as a Vedic Astrologer and Business Oracle. Over the years, I kept hearing the same frustrations over and over from the women I worked with or did readings for.

How do I know if I am on the right path?

How can I make money with my purpose?

What should I do next in my business, and when should I do it?

How many more programs do I have to buy before I have success?

When will life be easy?

I believe that our souls know what we are supposed to do to create wealth and make our impact. But I hadn't yet found the key to accessing this soul information.

Then I discovered the Sacred Wealth Code...

Many years ago, I had a successful yoga and healing arts center grossing a healthy six figures.

I thought I was living my purpose by using my gifts to do the work I was meant to do. 

Despite all the revenue, I was not taking home enough money to pay the bills.

My seemingly successful business was not so successful, as each month, I was going further into debt.

My business was costing me dearly because I did not yet know what I now call, The Sacred Wealth Code.

I was trying to run my business in a spiritual way, but I was failing, and my world was crumbling.

I ended up losing the business and my marriage, and in the blink of an eye, I found myself as a single parent totally burnt out, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I don't know if you've ever hit rock bottom... but it's a dark place.

Every dark place also has light to pull us through. My dark night of the soul forced me to go deep inside and listen to my inner wisdom and intuition in a way that I hadn't before.

With my mind and ego put aside, I was able to receive the information that became The Sacred Wealth Code. My life transformed as I applied the principles.

I knew this was to be my life's work.

From there, I created Soulutionary® readings, programs, and products to empower clients to lead lives at the intersection of purpose and prosperity and live from their Sacred Wealth Codes.

When I work with clients using Vedic Astrology, I reveal their Soul Blueprint. From there, we unlock their Sacred Wealth Code® to discover their unique, divine gifts and talents. With these, you can find and engage in your meaningful work in the world where you will thrive and make the impact you are here to make.

I'm the creator and Multi-Award Winning author of Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity, as well as an Oracle Card Deck and Journal of the same name.

In my personal life...

Every place I live becomes a garden of food and flowers. With a great love of music, I study the art of sacred sound and enjoy playing the harmonium, and the ukulele and chanting. My references to journeys are figurative and literal: my travels, including blue water sailing aboard a 38-foot yacht that I called home for several years in Mexico, the San Juan Islands, and British Columbia. These provide me with experiences that help me guide others. The blessing of growing up with horses has given me valuable lessons in intuitive connection and self-trust.

I have the honor of being a mom to amazing children who are now in their thirties. I live just outside of Seattle near the water with my beloved and Bella, the standard poodle. When I’m not serving my mission, you can find me in the garden, climbing mountains, at the beach, doing yoga, meditating, or star gazing.

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