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Manifest your path in your Soul Success Map. Celebrate the success and wealth encoded in this Map for you as your Sacred Wealth Code.
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Chart Your Path to a Wealthy Life

Be Who You Are. Do What You Love. Have A Wealthy Life.

You already have a blueprint. Your soul knows this. It’s trying to guide you. Sometimes, you need a translator. Sometimes, an engineer. You can learn to trust your soul as your guide. Manifest the path it has drawn for you in your Soul Success Map. Celebrate the success and wealth encoded in this Map for you as your Sacred Wealth Code. We can help read your blueprint and construct – or reconstruct – the life your soul wants for you through the following services:

Vedic Astrology Readings

Sacred Wealth Code® Readings

A Wealth Code? Yes! Your Soul Success Map includes a ‘Sacred Wealth Code’. This is where your purpose and prosperity meet. This is where you thrive by aligning your work life with your Soul Success Map by using your highest value gifts and talents. By doing what you are meant to do,  in alignment with your soul, you find prosperity. It really is that simple.

Curious to discover your Sacred Wealth Code?

Soul Success Map Reading

Blueprints are the backbone for construction. Houses have blueprints. Skyscrapers have blueprints and rocket ships have blueprints. It’s the plan that ensures the project is engineered for success. You have a blueprint. A blueprint that expands beyond your DNA. It’s your Soul Success Map. It’s the plan that ensures you are built for success. Your soul is waiting for you to follow it. Perhaps you need help, or a little nudge. Guidance. Interpretation. A little intuition and courage to know where to start.

In this Vedic Astrology Reading we will focus in on the areas of life that you are needing guidance and a plan.

My readings are transformational. YOU will get the guidance you need and an energy SHIFT to support you in successfully using the guidance I give you.

Clearing Session

Not all challenges are bad! There is always a great gift in a challenge once it is unlocked and released.

In this session we unlock the gift in your challenge by clearing the blocks, patterns, fears, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your joy and purpose. Prema will also look at your Vedic Astrology chart during the session to see how the planets are activating your challenges.

Self-Study Courses

Sacred Wealth Code Journey

Ready to give your greatest gift to the world and learn how you can create wealth from it?

The SWCJ takes you on the journey of connecting with and activating your Sacred Wealth Code. There are exercises for clearing your blocks and barriers and how to better access your intuition. You’ll get help on how to be seen for your true gifts, and it walks you through a process for defining what wealth is for you. It gives you everything you need to activate your unique internal design for wealth, a practical action to follow what’s unique to you.

Group Mentoring

Sacred Wealth Circle

Soulutionary’s Sacred Wealth Circle is a community of seekers, like you, who want a wealthy life. This Circle is our program designed to provide you with everything necessary to discover, activate, and put your Sacred Wealth Code® into practice.

Think of this as a combination to a locked road map that we teach you to open, read, and follow. This community is designed for people like you who want a more purposeful and prosperous life. People who believe in their divinely given gifts. People who simply want to know where to start and how to get going. Join this like minded-hearted Circle and learn how to operate this fundamental key that will unlock your wealthy life.

Sacred Wealth Business Academy

Up level your success with a community of like minded-hearted others who share the same journey of creating a successful mission driven business doing what they love to do. Align your energy within an encouraging, supportive group forum designed to reveal your Soul Success Map and help you follow your Sacred Wealth Code.

The Soulutionary Sacred Wealth Business Academy is a 12-month program of mentoring, business consulting, energy alignment, readings, meditations, and includes a live 2-day retreat with Prema. By meeting all of the other amazing members of the Academy at the retreat you will be able to meet future clients, business partners, JV’s, supporters and friends. Everyone’s success is up leveled by the success of everyone else in the group, creating a magical and transformational community.

Want to follow your guide alongside a group of like-minded achievers?

Private Mentoring

Soulutionary VIP’s

Private coaching is sometimes needed to get clear and hear your purpose. The intimacy of a one-on-one environment allows you to dig into those challenges that keep you from following your blueprint. Move yourself into alignment with your divine gifts and talents with customized mentoring through our Soulutionary VIP Program.


VIP Days

Need some customized guidance, but are uncertain or unable to enroll in our private services? Attend an exclusive day of mentoring and mapping to identify your most purposeful path, best timing, and inspired action steps for the year ahead. Usually exclusive to the Soulutionary VIP Program, we offer VIP Days for those on the go who need the extra guidance and a plan. Using your Vedic Astrology Chart, Soul Success Map, and Sacred Wealth Code we customize the day to meet your individualized needs for inner transformation and success.

Want to know how VIP days can launch you into success?

Sacred Wealth Immersion

A Live & In Person one-day workshop on everything you need to fulfill your greater purpose. If you’ve been wanting to break through blocks, find your deeper purpose, and create the wealth that’s waiting for you, you’ll learn how in this personalized small group setting.