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Prema Lee has helped thousands of people trust their Soul’s instincts to manifest wealth and create meaningful success, simply by doing what they are meant to do.
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We all have a soul purpose (dharma) in life… A true path to live and express our unique gifts we are called to use.

Prema Lee Gurreri is committed to creating a world where everyone is empowered to live according to their soul blueprint: on purpose, in a way that is aligned with their high-value gifts and their birthright of true wealth.

Prema guides and teaches entrepreneurs, visionaries, and change agents to lead with their unique, divine gifts and talents, and fully align with their purpose and passion to create wealth for themselves and the world simply by being who they are and doing what they love to do.

Our souls already know what we are supposed to do to create wealth and make our impact. Prema reveals your Soul Success Map™ and helps you unlock your Sacred Wealth Code® to discover your unique, divine gifts and talents. With these, you can find and engage in a conscious business where you will thrive.

Prema believes that our core purpose is to be true to ourselves so we can claim our power and wholeness and manifest wealth in our own unique and meaningful ways. When we do what we are uniquely great at―rather than what we are merely good at―we invoke the power of our soul blueprint and our divine birthright. She created her Soulutionary® programs and services to empower clients to lead lives poised at the intersection of prosperity and purpose, and live from the hearts of their Sacred Wealth Codes.

Prema is the Multi Award Winning author of Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity and Oracle Card Deck. Her eight awards include: PRODUCT OF THE YEAR and GOLD MEDAL FOR CONTEMPORARY SPIRITUALITY IN BOOKS 2018 COVR Visionary Awards.

Prema is a leading Vedic Astrologer, Soul Advisor, Business Consultant, and Energy Practitioner with more than twenty-five years of experience. In her work, Prema draws from all of these life-changing practices and modalities to work with clients one-on-one and in group settings, in person and virtually. She also presents to groups and organizations as an inspired speaker, guide, and workshop facilitator.

There is work that you are meant to do in the world. There is work that you are meant to serve the world by doing. When you work with Prema, she closes the gap between inspiration and action by revealing your Soul Success Map™ and helping you unlock your Sacred Wealth Code® to discover your unique, divine gifts and talents. With these tools, you can quickly move your mission and business forward doing the work you are meant to do and experience a new level of prosperity, freedom, peace, and fulfillment.


For more than 25 years, I’ve used my expertise to help transform lives from the inside out. I love potent language that liberates, gets things moving into balance, and manifests highest aspirations. I created the Soul Success Map™ and Sacred Wealth Code® from my insight as a certified Vedic Astrologer, and I offer this “Science of Light” as a pathway of understanding one’s own divine gifts and talents, soul purpose, wiring for wealth, and illuminating soul choices.

Being an entrepreneur is part of my divine encoding, and I have built businesses for each phase of my life. Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey, and I serve others best with the culmination of all of my divine gifts.

In my last life, I founded a spiritual and wellness center, Yoga and Beyond, with a strong desire to create a community in Bainbridge Island and Seattle, Washington. I carried a host of clients through private guidance/coaching and conducted a full registry of classes and workshops. I also trained beginning to advanced teachers in my own methods. The center became home to a dynamic group of healing practitioners who worked in collaboration with me and was even the setting for my six-episode yoga TV series “The Yoga of Life” (available on DVD).

In my personal life, every place I live becomes a garden of food and flower in a Findhorn-like way. With a great love of music, I study the art of sacred sound and enjoy playing the harmonium, the ukulele, and chanting. My references to journeys are figurative and literal: my travels, including blue water sailing aboard a 38-foot yacht that I called home for several years in Mexico, the San Juan Islands, and British Columbia. These provide me with experiences that help me guide others. The blessing of growing up with horses has given me valuable lessons in intuitive connection and self-trust.

I have the honor of being a mom to my two amazing children who are now in their twenties. I live just outside of Seattle near the water with my beloved and Bella, the standard poodle. When I’m not working, you can find me in the garden, hiking to the beach, or star gazing.