The Balance Myth

The Balance Myth

What a gorgeous morning! I’m writing to you in the wee hours of the morning while watching the full blood moon set into the water and reflecting on what a deep time of change this is.

Mercury is in retrograde and two eclipses are contributing to shaking things up and disrupting our usual patterns in life and business so we open up to letting go of perceptions, behaviors, judgments, and mindsets that are no longer serving us and are holding us back from our dreams.

And the Autumn Equinox, which is a time when the light and dark of the day is equally balanced, and is calling us to embrace more balance.

With all these shifts I’ve had lots of “WTF” calls from clients, family, and friends wondering how do you find balance with all this chaos going on?

Let me explain “The Balance Myth”…

Life is supposed to be balanced. In order to have balance, everything in our lives has equality. We give equal time to everything to create harmony. Balance is a static point located in one place or a singular way-of-being that once achieved makes everything hum along like a finely tuned engine.

Think of balance like this: Balance = Constant Unified Movement

Balance is about change and requires presences to deliver harmony. To have true balance it’s useful to have a big picture view of your life and how your inner balance point, or what I call “center point”. It’s key to pay attention to what’s important today in your life, in your business, in this very moment, without losing sight of the greater importance of what you are On Point for in the big picture.

Balance can look very different from day-to-day.

Imagine standing on a teeter totter and straddling the middle of your feet. In order to keep it balanced you have to continue to reevaluate your position and make adjustments or you will get bucked off.

Balance is not something to be achieved outside yourself. The root of balance is within. It’s important to know what you want to balance and even more important to be aware of where and how you are evaluating balance.

Now hop back up on your teeter totter. You have to be in-touch with your center point so you can feel where balance is… and isn’t, in order to make the necessary adjustments.

Extremes are meant to be played on and have a powerful way of expanding our perception and ability. There are times when we are at the extreme edge… starting to dangle one foot off the cliff, when we notice just in the nick of time that things are way off kilter. Sometimes, luckily we are able to retreat from the edge to safer ground. Other times we fall off balance and crash and burn. OUCH! Either way, extremes and edges are opportunities for growth.

It’s important to know what you want to balance. Even more important is to know what you want to be in balance with.

What are you trying to balance?

~ Career
~ Family
~ Money
~ Relationship
~ Health
~ Spirituality

The whole of your life?

If you are worn out from trying to rearrange the factors of your life to reach a balance equation, then you are likely trying to achieve balance from the outside. This can be E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G.

You have a built-in balance point. It is your WHY. Why you do what you do.

At the root of everything you’re doing, trying to do, or wish you were doing, there is a reason WHY. The essence or root of your deepest heart calling is usually the same, but the expression will change over time. As you move through the phases of life it evolves and will be uniquely expressed in each different area of your life.

If you are crashing and burning you may not be in touch with, and acting from your WHY. Balance check in: (pssst… it’s an inside job)

~ Where you are feeling out of balance in your life?
~ Take a deep breath and drop your mind down into your heart.
~ Connect with the deeper meaning in your life… your WHY.
~ Can you feel it?
~ In this off-balance area of life are you connected with your WHY?
~ Take a deep breath and reconnect to your WHY.
~ What would it take for you to rebalance?

You got it! Trust has spoken. You have a direction for inspired action. Take it and run with it. NOW!

Lots of Love,


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