April 2020 Update: Strong Energy For Challenging Times

Strong Energy For Challenging Times

I don’t need to tell you how hard things are right now, but here’s the good news… April brings in strong planetary energy for this challenging time. It will support you with the courage to get through, the clarity you’ve been looking for, the connection your heart desires, the spiritual teaching your soul needs, and the ability to get real with yourself about your choices.

  • The month starts with two big shifts that may have you feeling more serious and overwhelmed with the apparent hard work ahead. But really this shift is going to give you the courage you need to face the truth and get practical about aligning with it.
  • By mid month the Sun moves into exhalation in Aries. This will help bring clarity and leadership in this uncertain time.
  • We have been missing the much needed harmony in our relationships this last month. Venus has just moved into an incredibly strong placement for harmony. It will stay in this powerful placement for 4 months and will support you in opening your heart to love, relationships, creating beauty and overall harmony.

Watch this video and I will share with you how you can tap into the power of this celestial weather to strategically get through this important time.


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