NEW MOON JULY 2021 VEDIC ASTROLOGY – Clarity and Renewal

Are you ready for some clarity and forward momentum? I know I am!

We have a brilliant New Moon on July 9th that will light the way and bring the clarity and direction you are ready for. It’s called the Star of Renewal.

It’s been a turbulent time with all the eclipses and retrogrades last month…and the dust is finally settling. This is a very special New Moon that will give you the grace to see where your path is going. Your anxiousness and confusion is going to start to dissolve as clarity arises. Remember… clarity is POWER.

Mercury has moved away from the eclipse pattern and the influence of the Magician, which will settle your confusion and help you focus on what is next.

All this energy will support you in finally making decisions and give you the direction you need to aim for your soul goals and actually hit them.

Watch this video and I will share with you how to make the best use of these powerful cosmic forces and give you the update for the rest of July’s transits.

Much Love,

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