Full Moon August 2022 Vedic Astrology | Super Moon

The Full Moon on August 11th has a serious note to it because it is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in Vedic Astrology. Saturn (Organizer and Administrator) is the planet of truth or consequences and is always checking us on how aligned we are with our soul path…which can sometimes feel heavy.

This powerful Super Moon is in the Lunar Mansion of Dhanista also called the “Star of Wealth” and can help you manifest wealth on the earthly plane. This is also where we find the deities called the eight “Vasus”, the gods of solar energy that call us to our highest virtues.

This Full Moon energy can help you balance the shadow energies of the “People Pleaser” and “Overgiver” which can have you unconsciously looking for love and trying to get your needs met…in all the wrong places.

The intensity that the planet Mars (Honorable Warrior) has been activating will begin to subside as it moves into the feminine earthly sign of Taurus on August 10th, where it will be for the next eight months.


Watch this video and I will share more about the Full Moon and how to make the best use of this powerful energy.

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