Gratitude as an Attitude

Thank you. We say and hear it how many times a day? Does it really sink in and have much meaning? Does it really make an impression in your heart very often?

I am grateful for you, my family, home, and this food.

Nice and possibly… ho hum.

Give your “thank you’s” some attitude by adding the power of your heart to your gratitude.

Tell yourself “why” you are grateful and how it makes your life wonderful.

I am grateful for you in my life because when I am with you I feel more relaxed and you make me laugh.

I am grateful for my family because being part of this family gives me a deep sense of belonging.

I am grateful for this food because ______________________________. (your turn)

Feel the difference?

That feeling is your heart blooming! Share your “why” with others and their heart will bloom too.

When you are thankful or grateful with your family, friends, and strangers, give them your gratitude with attitude and you will be more authentically giving them the gift of YOU.

I am so grateful for all of you because serving you calls me to access my heart and grow myself in ways that are not as available to me alone. You help me grow my heart bigger and more open and that gives me such great joy! Thank you!

I will guide you through the process….

Much Love,

P.S. Please comment and share your insights and stories. We are all in this together and your process may be very useful to someone else.

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