Inspiration verses Perspiration [Video]

Are you feeling perspired with what you are working on in your business or project? Is something that is important to you moving at a snails pace?

In Vedic Astrology the planets Saturn and Mars have been traveling close together since early winter and are about to come into exact alignment in Scorpio on August 24th. Together they have a start-and-stop energy, which can be less than satisfying, even frustrating. It may even cause you to question if you should keep going with a project that you once knew in your heart was the next best step for you to get your work out in the world.

This energy has the potential to leave you feeling bogged down. You may consider abandoning ship because the project is sinking instead of sailing.

Fear Not! There is a way to navigate through this energy
and get your project done without leaving your perspired, or even expired.

I’ve been hit with this start-and-stop energy in launching my new website, but I’ve figured out a way to successfully navigate through this energy that I want to share with you.

In this video I give you a solution to get you in sync with inspiration, the positive energy of Mars, which will keep you afloat so your project can keep sailing forward instead stalling out or sinking.

Click the video below

Lots of Love,


P.S. I’m super excited to share my new website with you soon. There will be lots of cool resources to help you chart your path, lead with your divine gifts, make more impact, and have more success.

One thought on “Inspiration verses Perspiration [Video]

  1. Prema, when doing astrology videos can you note the month, date, and year, so one knows how current or past our celestial fancy’s energies are, and their effect on us, or not?

    Thank you much.

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