July 2022 Full Moon in Sagittarius | Vedic Astrology

We have a very sacred Full Moon on Wednesday, July 13th in Sagittarius and it is called Guru Purnima. Guru translates to “one who dispels darkness” and Purnima means “full moon”.

This is a time to honor your teachers, guides, and the guru within. During this powerful Full Moon there is a portal open for deep truths to come to the surface, so you will want to tune in..

This Full Moon gives us the opportunity to integrate what we have been thinking about and figuring out in our minds with the spiritual practices that can manifest those ideas.

And it is a great time for communication, go ahead and have those important conversations you may have been putting off.

Watch this video and I will share more about the Full Moon and how to make the best use of this powerful energy.

Much Love,

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