Getting to know your soul blueprint is the first step

If someone offered you an audience with the Divine,
just you and her talking about your life,
would you take it?

Of course you would! And I bet you’d have a million questions about your purpose, how to make more of a difference, how to live your best life, and the biggy — how to make a living doing what you love!

Guess what? You can have that chat with the Divine anytime you want it.

By embracing your soul blueprint for starters. Not just having the information of your Vedic Astrology chart in front of you, not just “knowing” your archetypes and highest-value gifts. When I say “embracing” I mean living the guidance provided by those things.

Embodying all that is unique about you, so you can expand into all that is possible for you in this lifetime.

What’s possible is love, impact, joy, wealth (whatever that means to you) and living your true purpose.

Don’t worry, if you’re now thinking, “that would be great, but how?”

In order to serve more conscious women visionaries I am inspired to go deep on all things Soulutionary and Vedic Astrology.

You see, your soul blueprint is unlocked through Vedic Astrology. Knowing your chart and how the planets influence you makes possible a deep understanding of how your choices, purpose, and divine gifts are encoded at soul level, and how you are meant to use them.

I’m going to show you how to use them.

And why doing this is so important for conscious women 
who want to make a difference. 

The planet needs more feminine energy, feminine leadership, feminine wisdom. Together we can be part of the shift that is taking place, but only if you are clear on your purpose, have an unshakeable vision, and know how to discern guidance from “figuring things out.”

This is what I’ll be teaching.

Starting with this blog you’ll be hearing from me more often. Not too much more, but with more regularity.

The best way I know to make this simple and practical is with short videos. Each of them an inspired action with inspired information meant to give you an aha, a takeaway, a moment of clarity.

Today’s video is titled, How Vedic Astrology Unlocks Your Soul Blueprint. In it you’ll learn how the art and science of vedic astrology turns your soul blueprint into a tool you can use. It will give you clarity, confidence, and will be your constant companion once you see how powerful it is.

Enjoy and please leave a comment and let me know your ahas or takeaways.

Much Love,

PS — If you have already had a reading or read my book, so you are familiar with these concepts, but want to learn how to use them in your day-to-day, use this link to book a call. Let’s see how we can help.

2 thoughts on “Getting to know your soul blueprint is the first step

  1. My circuits are jammed. It is a tough time and have been taking inspired and necessary steps and actions. It has to be for me to surrender because I’ve done the work I know I needed to do. Yet, I am not getting the responses back I need. It has been a major accomplishment to update my own resume, I took that dive last year. But, this year I also accepted I need help still to better my chances. So, I paid for a Professional Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Makeover. I lost my husband and have to move 8/16/2021. I’ve secured an apartment but don’t know how I am going to comfortably make the monthly rent. I was guided to that location I truly believe. I am gainfully employed and hate my job. I am grateful don’t get me wrong. I am thankful most of all. But I hate it. And I have applied for several positions for work from home as I am and always want to be. And the flow seems to have stopped. This is my 3rd position since losing my husband on 8/16/2020. Which is also my move date. I need all the help I can get. I need mentoring guidance I suppose. I keep my own council, but I need some assistance. Thanks

    1. Hi Cheryl, It has been tough for you and I am sorry for your loss.I hear that you are doing what you can and are mystified to why things have not opened up for. It has been an intense year. I see you booked a time for us to talk about the program and I look forward to supporting your further.

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