The Light Is On YOU [Meditation Included]


The light of this big, bright, beautiful SuperMoon is calling you to purification, clarity, and leadership.


The moon hasn’t been this close to the earth in 68 years and won’t be this close again for another 18 years. In Vedic Astrology the moon represents our consciousness and is currently full in the lunar mansion called Krittika. The energy of Krittika is independent and fiery. It shines a light in the dark corners of your life where you’re holding yourself back, so you can purify by burning away what’s keeping you small and receive the clarity you need in order to embody your divine gifts and lead what you’re here to lead.

It’s seriously disheartening when the leadership that is collectively chosen doesn’t reflect your values.

Some of us in the USA have been hit hard with that this week. More than ever we need to be the change we seek in the word if we want to see change happen. Not just talk about it or be the change where its comfortable, but to get really honest with ourselves about our personal and collective mission and get to work. It’s an inner and outer job. You’re up to the task.

The inner-work is getting aligned with your personal leadership. A great place to start telling yourself the truth about where you aren’t aligned with your personal integrity…


This is something I’ve been called to take a really close look at over the last few months. It was subtle, but I could feel something was off. I felt it in the closing down of my heart and my instinctual feeling in my gut when my choices are on or off the mark. I realized that I was involved with some organizations and spending some of my dollars with some companies that didn’t reflect my true values. Either I thought they did before I took a closer look or some simply changed course and I hadn’t gotten up to speed with noticing. Before I took action to get into alignment between what is true for me and my choices, it was costing me a lot of energetic currency, because I could feel something was off and wasn’t sure what it was. Awareness precedes change. I couldn’t make more aligned choices until I got clarity.

Clarity is power.


Use the energy of this SuperMoon to get the clarity you need to step into your superpower of leadership. You have divine gifts.

  • Are you using your divine gifts?
  • Or are you hiding?
  • What are you choosing to be aligned with because you don’t feel you have a choice?

Super Truth: You always have a choice. Even not choosing is a choice. I’m not saying its always easy to choose. I’m saying if you really want change, it’s required.

It’s much easier to hide when its dark then when all the lights are on. The lights are ON! Tell yourself the truth and get the clarity you need to be inwardly aligned with your personal leadership in the way you live your life.

  • What is one way I am giving your power away?
  • What is one action I could take to reclaim my power?
  • What is one action I could take to be aligned with my personal integrity?
  • What is the mission you are leading or want to lead in the world?

These are big questions. You may think they are hard questions. But they are actually simple questions when you tell yourself the truth. Take the time to ask them to yourself, your loved ones, and those you are already leading. The energy of this SuperMoon will support you in shining a light on the clarity you need and give you the courage to take inspired action to more authentically lead your movement in the world and be apart of leading the collective movements you are genuinely aligned with.

I created a short meditation for you to help you tune in and answer these questions.

Click here to download the meditation.

Lots of Love,


Post in the comments below your answers to one or all of these questions. It will help me better be able to serve you.

One thought on “The Light Is On YOU [Meditation Included]

  1. Thank you Prema for reminding me to go within as we have the answers we seek there! Beauty and consciously living in beautiful states is something I’ve been hiding from – no more!!!

    Have a wonderful super moon ? celebration tonight

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