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I love you. You are beautiful, magical, and uniquely YOU. Thank you for being you!

It’s Valentines Day, and a reminder to celebrate love. Romantic love is delicious and fun. I am thoroughly enjoying the beautiful bouquet of roses that Michael gave me. He goes to the same small florist every year and totally enjoys picking out the flowers and chatting with the woman who has owned the shop for many years.

I also want to take it a little deeper today, and celebrate with you the true essence of love. Love is. Love is the texture of the universe. You are love.

I like to think of love as being one with the connection and communion with the oneness we ALL are. Beyond any of the roles we play, our true essence is love. Love is always available and always welcomes us. All we have to do is be open to it.

Let’s explore the giving and receiving of love because they are two sides of the same coin and both are equally important. If you’re giving love you’re being love, and if you’re receiving love you’re being love. If you feel over abundant in love, give to another. If your love tank is low and you want to receive love, give love to another. Either way, deep in your heart you will feel the flood gates of love open.​​​

What to give?

Give YOU, the greatest gift of all!

Here’s what I mean…

You are gifted in so many miraculous ways. You have your own unique flavors of divinely given gifts and talents that you can grace another with. Things you do in only the way you do them. Your gifts are direct portals of love and when you give them to another you’re giving and receiving love all at the same time and everyone is blessed.

In the spirit of celebrating love today, choose one of your gifts or talents: creativity, communication, leadership, problem solving, listening, writing, advocating, visioning, directing, organizing, healing, or… and very intentionally give it to someone who you feel could use an extra dose of love today. While you are gifting this person breathe deep and open your heart, feeling the love that you inherently are and let your divine gift shine, so that you enjoy channeling your brilliance more than ever!!

Post a comment below and tell me what gift you are giving today.

Love you,


10 thoughts on “love you

  1. Today I gave the gift of sharing creative space in my gallery show. Images of the Divine Feminine. An open canvas and permission for making your mark within this intention of Dancing in the Revolution!

  2. Thank you Prema for this message! I love love and love to give along with receive however it is wonderful to hear that gifts do not have to be in material form. I feel that often we forget we have skills and talents that are also gifts that we can give however is taken advantage of because we forget that we are a gift to the world.
    So thank you, thank you for your love and gifts!

    1. Thank you Monica! Giving your gifts is one of the most personal and highest form of giving.You are a gift to the world. That is why I created the Sacred Wealth Code to help people understand their divine gifts and that they have what the world most wants from them. You have a lot to give. Enjoy giving your gifts! xo

  3. I gave and will give more of my own creativity and communication to be more free with myself and others…I will find ways to commit myself more and share my compassion with others….

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