Lunar Eclipse – A Gateway to Spiritual Wealth [Video]

Hang on Dear One!

Change is in the air… We are just about at the autumnal equinox, Mercury is still in retrograde until September 22nd, and today we have another eclipse. That’s a lot of shifting energy.

The challenge is to hold course in your business and life… AND go with the FLOW.

This full moon lunar eclipse is a double gateway for Spiritual Wealth. It is a rich and fertile time to surrender and receive. Surrender is a powerful feminine principal for both men and women. When you fully embrace the powerful art of surrender you make space for divine alignment and you invite abundance in to every domain of your life.

In this video I share with you how to access and make the best use of the powerful double gateway for spiritual wealth that this lunar eclipse is opening for YOU.

  • Surrender
  • Divinely Align
  • Access Your Intuition
  • Activate Abundance
  • Receive
  • Avoid being thrown off course

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Much Love,

2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse – A Gateway to Spiritual Wealth [Video]

  1. Thanks. Releasing the need to please family and friends. The need to be validated. Releasing negativity about myself and my decisions. Opening myself up to loving myself and appreciating who i am. Opening up to what the Universe is bringing to me.

    1. Tracelle, The power that can be freed up by letting go of those self defeating beliefs is huge. Sounds like the shadow of the Great Nurturer. Choose love. Choose loving yourself. xo

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