Your Manifesting Super Power

Your Manifesting Super Power

Focus is a finely honed manifesting super power. It has the power to move mountains… and put money in your bank account.

Focus requires your undivided attention and ruthless concentration, but yields heart-leaping rewards. The focused energy you put into what’s most important to you, can yield you a thousand fold and more in return.

Even though you may know the power focus has to manifest your heart’s desires, you often find yourself with the one most important thing on your to do list for days, weeks, maybe even months…

You know it’s the next important step in manifesting your dream, if you could just get to doing it…

Maybe it makes it to the top of your list, but then gets buried by some urgent stuff that is screaming louder. Maybe it actually graduates from your to do list to your calendar and still something seems to sneak in and kidnap it’s place.

Finally, the moment has come. You sit down to birth the baby… Write the next chapter, paint the picture, call that very important person that opens big doors for you, create your new program outline, rent a space for a seminar… And before you hit your stride with it, your attention gets hijacked by a text, phone call, email, a kid, dishes, or some shiny object.

You are back into the business of life and attending to what is urgent.

Possibly you have not abandoned your important project completely. You finish up as quick as you can with what pulled you away, sit back down and try to get back “into” it. But the magic moment has passed. Something else has eaten that precious time, inspiration, and motivation. Back on the list it goes.

Joe Vitale almost hijacked me… I sat down to write this and got an email from Joe Vitale saying “yes” to my request to interview him. (Pretty cool! More on that later.) I almost abandoned writing this to you in order to deal with replying and scheduling the interview. But I didn’t. I remembered that my passion was here wanting to get this message about FOCUS off to you and that I can deal with the logistics later.

I reeled my attention in and aimed it like a laser beam. Fingers on keyboard and remembering why doing this is important to me.

The key ingredient: FOCUS

It takes Focus to manifest anything your heart desires – money, car, house, business, lover, book… What you heart desires is important, so it needs to be kept in the important category and not let the urgency of everyday tasks and situations hijack your dreams.

In the day and age we are living in there is more information coming at us than ever. This means more distractions and it can be hard to focus in on what is really important to you. But it’s worth it.

With so many things jockeying for your attention in a day it can be painful to gather up all of your attention and zero in on ONE thing, but the reward is great. You bring your brilliant inspirations, ideas, and even soul callings into fruition. You are worth it.

The painful part of focusing is that it feels like you are saying “no” to so many things. The pleasure is that you are saying “yes” to what is most important to you in manifesting what you want and you can feel in the doing of it that you are actually creating it. Bring it into being.

How to get focused:

1: What is the one important thing, that if you focused on it, would help you manifest what you want?

2: WHY is it so important? (“Why” is the purpose in anything and will pull you forward.)

3: What is the cost of not focusing on it?

4: DO IT NOW. Or put it on your calendar. Make it non negotiable, like you are showing up for the most important meeting of your life. Show up like your life depends on it.

Turn off your email and phone. Close the door. Do it.

You will be so happy you did.

With Love and Guidance,


P.S. Write in the comments below what you are focusing on manifesting.

2 thoughts on “Your Manifesting Super Power

  1. This is so true. I have a white board at work and every month I try to write something positive to keep me motivated and stay On tract to my dream job. My dream is a to open a bed and breakfast/ farm-to-table with wine pairing Caribbean food in the islands, Jamaica, and cayman to be exact., this is my in the meantime.. out of nowhere on Monday, I wrote in huge letters, “STAY FOCUSED”! And now I am reading this.. I feel my dream has been revived.! Yes!

    1. H Nicola, I am so glad you are feeling your dream come back to life! That dream is yours for a reason.. The next step is to take one inspired action everyday toward that dream. What’s one inspired action you can take today?


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