How to Master Your Limitations [Video]

How to Master Your Limitations


None of us like to bump up against the limitations of life… not enough money, love, time, or energy.

Let’s face it, we prefer to have an endless supply of what we want and need. Saturn is the planet that brings us face-to-face with our limitations. In Vedic Astrology this powerful planet is moving from the constellation of Libra to Scorpio.

In India Saturn is called “Sat Graha”, the planet of truth.

What this means for you…

Wherever Saturn is in your Vedic Astrology chart determines what limits you’re dealing with in life. Saturn points us to our truth. If you are on your true path and purpose you will feel the deeper meaning in life. Saturn is not only the planet of truth, but the planet of consequences. If you are off purpose you will feel limitations in moving forward.

This is all about reminding you to turn inward for truth and guidance. The outside world does have limits. When you seek your answers outside of yourself you will be up against these limits. When you turn inward you will not only find your alignment with spirit, but you will also align with unseen forces and greater possibilities that will arise for you… from the inside-out.

In this video I show you what your limitations are good for and teach you how to work with them instead of them working against you.

: Discover what you limits are good for.
: Stop pushing against your limits and reclaim your energy.
: Discover how to embrace the gift in your limitations.
: Learn how to access possibilities even when faces with limits.

Click the video below and turn the volume up.

With Love and Guidance,


P.S. Everything you go through in life is good for something. Let me help you to see what you’re going through is good for, so you can get aligned with your path and purpose and be happy and fulfilled.

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