New Moon July 2024 Forecast & Meditation Vedic Astrology 💫

On July 5th/6th we have a very special New Moon at 20 degrees of Gemini in Punarvasu nakshatra. 

Punarvasu is the star of renewal and return and known as “return of the light”. 

With assured success, it presents an incredible chance for us to begin anew or redo something. 

🎯 Although we can always reattempt or start something over, the current energy acts as a propelling force, assisting us in hitting our soul goals and manifesting our heart’s desires. 

Whether it pertains to your business, a project, a relationship, exercise routine, spiritual practice, or anything else, this new moon is the ideal time to set things in motion. 

🙏🏻To help you gain clarity on what your soul is urging you to restart during this new moon, I have included a short meditation at the end of the video.

💜 Watch the New Moon video and I will give you my insight and all the essential for this New Moon and a meditation.


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