New Moon June 2024 | Vedic Astrology | Manifest Abundance πŸ’«

Are you ready to sow your seeds of intention for abundance?

The Taurus New Moon on June 6th is positioned in Rohini nakshatra and is one of the most powerful placements for manifesting!

Rohini is the moon’s favorite nakshatra and is supercharged for attracting wealth, love, and security.

This magical new moon is lined up with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury which are creating a Saraswati yoga in Taurus.

This cosmic event graces us with wisdom, hope, creativity, love, and wealth. It is a potent time to set our intentions for calling our hearts desire.

Venus is combust the Sun on the new moon as she moves from a morning star to an evening star. We can expect some breakthroughs in relationships, so it is also a great time to set your intentions for relationships.

πŸ’œ Watch the New Moon video and I will give you my insight and all the essential for this New Moon.


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