New Moon May 2024 : The Magic of Rebirth

Are you ready for a new beginning?

The Aries New Moon on May 7th, positioned in Bharani nakshatra according to Vedic Astrology, marks the initiation of a transformative process.

This celestial event heralds a period of rejuvenation and the opportunity to begin anew, aligning with your new path.

Aries sparks our self-assurance, excitement, and bravery… urging us to embark on new ventures that align with our soul goals.

Bharani, on the other hand, introduces the concept of renewal through the cycle of life and death, empowering you to relinquish anything that may hinder your progress on this newfound path.

Jupiter’s recent transition into Taurus bestows blessings upon us all.

Now is the perfect time to establish your intentions for a fresh start!

💜 Watch the New Moon video and I will give you my insight and all the essential for this New Moon


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