October 2021 Vedic Astrology Monthly Energy Update

We have a rock and roll month with a lot of big planetary shifts, so October is going to bring some challenges. Whenever we have a lot of change, we have a lot of instability and that sometimes brings stress and pressure if you don’t know how to flow with the energy.

We start the month with Mercury (Communicator) in retrograde… which is not all bad!

Mars (Honorable Warrior) is traveling very close to the Sun (Leader) and really causing things to heat up. It will conjoin the Sun and Mercury on October 9th. You will have to watch your reactivity and the need to push too hard, which can leave you feeling burned out.

Venus (Connector) was great for relationships in September, but this month we will have to be very aware of our filters from the past when it comes to connecting with others.

The Sun will be shifting mid month to a placement which can shake our confidence if we are not aware of the gift in this transit.

In this video I breakdown all of the energy and give you grounded practical guidance, so you know how to flow with it and not against it. You’ll want to take notes and write down some important dates to mark your calendar with.

Much Love,

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