Solar Eclipse – From the Shadows to the Light

As we are approaching this solar eclipse the winds of change are already here, shifting things around big time!

** See below for a special Solar Eclipse meditation.

Don’t try to nail anything down right now. There’s too much in flux to make concrete plans. Keep your eyes on where you’re going, but be flexible on how you get there. If you push your agenda it’s likely you’re going to be bucking the tide and burn out really quick.

Mercury is in retrograde and is involved in this eclipse pattern. Besides being The Communicator, The Merchant, and The Messenger, Mercury rules our judgment and ability to appropriately evaluate things. That is very skewed right now and will be until we get past September 9th. So remember what your purpose is and carefully weigh your choices against it, so you don’t find yourself waking up in a few weeks from a bad dream. Mars and Saturn are also adding to the intensity.

Everything we go through is good for something and this is what this eclipse is good for.

This is a shadow period time and things are shifting out and shifting in with this eclipse. There’s a lot of crazy stuff happening in the world right now; politics, weather, business, people… you name it, but don’t let it bring you down with it. Hidden truths are going to come to the surface for you and collectively for all of us.

This is a huge opportunity for healing! It’s time to look at our shadow side and what we are projecting onto others and the world. Have compassion for ourselves and others as we are all part of the ONE and playing an important role in this paradigm shift.

Dig in and consciously choose to make the shifts you need to make from the inside-out to align with your Soul Blueprint, so you can heal your past, activate your divine gifts, and lead the movement that you’ve come here to lead. Because the world needs what you have to give more than ever!

I created a special meditation to help you do just that!

Meditation: From the Shadows to the Light


Much Love,

4 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse – From the Shadows to the Light

  1. I find your meditations so profoundly helpful. Thank you for sharing the deep beauty and wisdom within you. So very healing. Go bless you.

  2. Thank you for the meditation. I am going to do it all this week. Your words and guidance are healing and so full of love.

    1. You are so welcome Johanne! You are smart to do it through the week as more will surface and heal for you. Let me know what is coming up for you.

      xo Prema

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