Super BLUE Full Moon August 2023 | What Does It Mean For You?

Things are moving very slow with six planets retrograde! A lot is coming up from the past to re-evaluate and heal, so we can make better choices, shift timelines and move forward more freely.

We are blessed with a Blue Full Moon this month on August 30th in Aquarius in Vedic Astrology and it is also a Super Moon, the brightest Moon of the year!

This mystical Blue Moon opens our consciousness to see ourselves and our place in the world from a new perspective…so we can heal what is hidden, have harmonious relationships, and do our most meaningful work without losing ourselves or giving our power away.

It is in Shatabhisha Nakshatra and known as the “star of 100 healers” and opens a healing portal that can help us solve the deepest of mysteries and can grant miracles that are helpful for healing stubborn wounds and traumas from the past.

In the Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle on August 30th we channel this potent healing energy to clear what is holding us back from true liberation and heal the relationship issues that the Venus retrograde has been surfacing.

Watch the New Moon forecast and I will guide you on how to create a powerful new lunar cycle.




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