Unlock the Power of Your Shadow

Do you spend any time exploring your shadow side or do you avoid it and the discomfort that goes along with it?

Your shadow – while irritating, triggering and sometimes downright painful – is actually an important part of your Sacred Wealth Code. And when avoided, it can block you from your gifts, your purpose, and prosperity.

If you are committed to growing and living into your gifts, it is critical to be acquainted with your shadow.

It’s an important piece of your codeĀ and we’ll begin to really explore the power of your shadow side in the video below.

If you missed last week’s, Aries Full Moon: Healthy Boundaries In Emotional Times, you can watch it here.

2 thoughts on “Unlock the Power of Your Shadow

  1. So my challenge is connection. I want to connect but just can’t seem to let others in fully. I think my shadow brings isolation. I’m enjoying your video and hope to resolve my shadow issues.

    1. Hi Colleen, You have been hurt in some way in the past so it does not feel safe to connect. That pattern is like a filter and gets in the way even though it is not happening now. It is trying to keep you safe. You don’t need that safety as you now know how to keep yourself safe. Tell yourself the truth about what the right connections can give you, so you can start to become aware of what is possible. We do a lot of pattern clearing in the Sacred Wealth Circle. xo Prema

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