11/11 is your special day

11/11 Is Your Special Day

Today is 11/11! Some say it’s a special sign or a gateway to a higher awareness. I like to think of it as a special portal to success.

What I mean is, since your mind recognizes 11/11 as being special or auspicious in some way, let’s use it as a portal to success. Whatever success means to you.

The best way I know to be successful is to live from the inside-out to manifest wealth and the life of your dreams.

What that means is that you tune into your heart on a regular basis to hear what your soul most wants for you and why it’s so important. That way you can cut through the mind chatter and tap right into the core of your deepest desires that have the most meaning to you and tune in to the inspired action steps that will quickly manifest this for you.

I call this living from the inside-out and following your instincts.

A few days ago I had the honor and pleasure to speak to a group of passionate entrepreneurs about accessing and activating their Wealth Code. One of the steps I taught them is the practice of bringing the mind and heart together in order to connect with their deeper knowing, to connect with their Wealth Code and get the clarity that they need for their next inspired action in their business.

You see, your soul already knows where you should be focusing and what you should be doing to manifest more money or whatever you want… but it’s a problem when you aren’t listening and trusting yourself. In order to really feel and hear your heart’s whispers you have to get intimate with yourself.

Here’s what I mean…

Brain science shows us that we have at least 60,000 thoughts a day and that over 90% of those thoughts are separation thoughts that are talking you out of your hopes, dreams, and heart’s desires. It’s your brain on autopilot, and when your brain is on autopilot you’re always looking for a problem or why something is not going to work, or how you won’t get what you want.

Quantum physics shows us that the field of the heart is at least 5000% times stronger than the mind and is focused in present time. By bringing the mind and heart together you are present and more in tune with your soul, your instincts, and greater possibilities for yourself.

That’s why it’s crucial to get your head in your heart where they make a powerful team so you can get present and take the inspired actions that will actually get you there.

I have a special gift for you!

Here is a quick exercise for you to open up to your heart’s wisdom so you can take the next step in your business or your life that is aligned with your soul and will actually get you where you want to go and manifest success on your own terms. Click here to download the meditation.

Lots of Love,


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