The 3 Keys To Manifesting

The 3 Keys to Manifesting

I was sharing some exciting news with dear friend about how Michael and I just had our offer accepted on our new dream home on a half acre with a view of the water and community beach rights. Her response was, “Wow, that’s amazing! You sure do move fast when it comes to manifesting what you want.”

My first response was to remind her that we had been house hunting for a year. Then she said, “when you take action things happen really quickly for you.” She’s right.

We had been planning on selling our current home and buying our next dream home for over a year. There were certain things we were considering in our timing, like getting top dollar for our current home. We had already decided to sell and to buy this spring based on Vedic astrology, and as far as to exact timing, pricing, we completely trusted our instincts.

We intentionally prepared in several ways, including manifesting more money for a more expensive home, but when it came down to it, we had to make some really good decisions about when to sell. We had yet to find our new house when we put our loft on the market. We trusted the time was right and by taking action it would put things in motion and the universe would meet us the rest of the way.

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you…

There are things you want to manifest like houses, businesses, trips, college funds… There’s money you want to manifest. There is a reason why you want what you want. Maybe it is to have more freedom, feel secure, be happier, or make a bigger difference.

: Are you following your instincts?
: Are you making really good decisions and taking action?
: Or are you stuck in confusion and fear?

The 3 keys to manifesting:

1: Get clear on what you want. What do you want?

2: Get clear on why you want it. Why do you want it? (My new home was about feeling freer, having a garden and having a beautiful space to connect with my family and friends).

2 1/2: Let go of the “how”… how you think it is possible.

3: Tune into your instincts and take action. You can simply ask yourself: What’s one action I can take today to support me in manifesting ________ (Fill in the blank).

Now it’s time to follow your instincts with action and more will be revealed to you.

Your instincts are like your built-in GPS navigational system. When you are present and have cleared your fear out of the way, you can feel nudges to take action. Nudges usually happen without any big fanfare or fireworks. You just “feel” something is the right thing to do and do it.

You know you are in fear (resistance) if you know you should do something and you are no. When you get really present you can feel in your body what is right for you and what’s not.

We sold our loft and found our beautiful new home five days after we signed the deal. We did a lot of looking at homes, but our instincts did not lead us to make an offer before we sold, even though financially we could have. We had a backup plan for where we would live if didn’t find it.

My point is that by following your instincts and then taking clear inspired action is what puts everything in motion to get top dollar for our loft and find our new home at a good deal in the booming real estate market.

You can manifest what you want too!

With Love & Guidance,


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