What Are You Waiting For? [Video]

What Are You Waiting For?


What are you waiting for?


You want to manifest something for yourself. I can feel it. More money, a new home, a business.


We are in the amazing energy of spring and the action energy of the planet Mars is in full swing after several months of being bogged down by the slow energy of Saturn. Chances are that it has activated your desire to manifest something that is very important to you, now more than ever.

The thing is… What are you waiting for?

Let’s be honest, you are manifesting all the time, but are you manifesting what you truly desire? Or are you manifesting more of what you don’t want?

Michael and I are super excited about manifesting a new home and have been taking inspired action over this last year by looking at properties and manifesting more income to afford the kind of home we want to buy in a very competitive market. We are not enjoying living in the buzz of the city anymore and are ready for a quieter and more beautiful place to live. We are not going far, just out of downtown. By staying in our condo we are manifesting more of what we don’t want. So now it’s time to take the leap…

In your Soul Blueprint you have your own unique manifestation code; a way you are wired up on a Soul level that you naturally manifest what you desire… including money.

In this video I share with you:

: How to stop waiting and get into inspired action
: How to get clarity on your next step
: How to tap into your manifestation code
: How to take inspired action now

With Love and Guidance,


P.S. You can trust yourself to manifest what your heart desires. Your soul knows what you should be doing. Leave a comment or email me and let me know what you are manifesting and the inspired action you are taking today.

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