7 Secrets To A Successful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 2023

Emotions are running high as we come up to the last Lunar Eclipse of the year and it is calling us to heal what blocks us from courageously living freely and also having harmonious relationships.

The Eclipse is at 11 degrees of the fiery constellation of Aries in Vedic Astrology. It will be in the deeply healing nakshatra of Ashwini where we find physicians of the gods and goddesses.

Eclipses can stir up deep-seated emotions and can bring about unexpected situations, events, and hidden conflicts. They can also bring things into fruition and create new beginnings.

In the Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle on the Lunar Eclipse get ready to get out of your own way, bring completion to challenges, and move forward feeling empowered and confident to create what is next for you without losing your sense of self in relationships.

Watch the forecast and I share with you the 7 secrets to having a successful Lunar Eclipse.





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