Solar Eclipse October 14, 2023 | Forecast | New Beginnings

Are you ready for the ring of fire Solar Eclipse on October 14th? 

We are in a time of profound change… Eclipses are cosmic triggers that shift our consciousness and the trajectory of our lives by closing some doors and opening others.

This Solar Eclipse is very unique as it is starting the shift to the next cycle of growth. It is at 27 degrees of Virgo in Vedic Astrology and will be visible in the USA. 

It is in Chittra Nakshatra, also  known as the “Star of Opportunity”.  This powerful placement can bring things to fruition and illuminate the divine spirit within. 

We also have a Lunar Eclipse on October 28th!

This is the last set of Eclipses in this cycle. The Eclipse pattern will move at the end of November activating different areas of life for us to surrender and grow. 

It is essential we get lessons as cycle shifts! 

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Watch the forecast and I will guide you on how to navigate this powerful cosmic trigger.





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