April 2022 Full Moon In Libra | Vedic Astrology Forecast

How are you feeling with all this shifting energy? April is a month of major transitions with all the planets changing signs.

You may be anxious or excited about what’s coming next…or maybe something is weighing heavy on you. We are in a big transition that culminates at the end of the month with a Solar Eclipse that will bring changes to a different part of your soul blueprint than the last year and a half.

Things are going to settle out as we come into May.

So for now…breathe, relax and release the pressure of having to figure things out, knowing what’s next and getting it done now. Instead, open up and be present with the deep undercurrent change and energetic upgrade that is happening.

We have the blessing of a mystical, magical Full Moon in Libra on April 16, in the Lunar mansion of Chittra. We are being called to get creative and bring beauty into our lives and businesses.

And…there is a duality playing out with our individuality and relationships that you need to be aware of at this time.

Watch the video where I will share with you how to really tap into the energy of this mystical Full Moon and I drop in some Soul Wisdom questions for you to open up to what is next.

Much Love,

PS If you have not watched the video I released earlier this week: How To Create Spiritual and Material Wealth With Astrology, click here to watch.

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