Solar Eclipse April 30th 2022 – Vedic Astrology

Get ready…for the new direction that is coming in for you personally and us collectively! We are in the eclipse season and the eclipses have just moved to Aquarius and Libra in Vedic astrology.

The Solar Eclipse on April 30th will open a portal for a new frequency. It’s a rock’n’roll period of time that you will need to keep your sea legs on, not be too attached to things and be willing to go with the flow of the new direction the eclipse will reveal for you.

It’s an exciting time and also a stressful time as there is a lot of change coming…There’s things coming up from your past, there’s a deep desire for clarity, and things that you know that you need to reorganize and haven’t figured out yet.

But the truth is, it has yet to be time to figure it out. So be patient with yourself. Be easy with yourself and others over the next few days as things are going to be shifting and changing your course.

Watch the video where I will share with you how to flow with this change instead of against it.

Much Love,

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