Are you a Mystic?

Are you a Mystic?

The journey of bringing the embodiment of the Mystic into my work in the world has been to continue to step out of the shadow and to allow myself to be seen… AND take the time for the deep introspection and privacy I need.

One foot in both worlds.

We all have a Mystic quality within us and as a Vedic Astrologer I can see it in the chart/soul blueprint represented by Ketu (south node of the moon) which in my Sacred wealth Archetype system is the Mystic.

In ancient times the Mystic was known as an outcast, but in the times we are living I see the Mystic as a Soul Artist…an Innovator.

The Mystic is all about evolution. Breaking down old forms that are no longer useful into energy…to then birth what is aligned with current energetics.

I feel like my whole life is an example of this.

I truly believe it is a time for feminine mystics to rise and lead.

The Mystic can feel very alone and isolated at times not wanting to be IN the world… and that is why one of the reasons soul sisterhood is so valuable. We were never meant to do it alone.

We all have our own unique gifts to share and when we hold space for each other and come together in community and collaboration we are exponentially powerful.

My brand Soulutionary is sourced from and built on personal gnosis. Everything else I have tried has failed me.

I guide my clients to access their unique brilliance and bring it forward in their way…Inside out in their businesses for full authentic self expression of their gifts.

I still get off track when I try something that is not in alignment with my true essence. I’m more compassionate with myself than I used to be in those moments.

I’ve learned that I must navigate my life and business from the inside out. There is simply no other path for me.

Do you resonate with the Mystic?

What challenges do you face as a Mystic?

Much Love,

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