SOLAR ECLIPSE DECEMBER 2021 Vedic Astrology – Intensity and Insight

Hang on… We are about to rock and roll with the solar eclipse in Scorpio in Vedic astrology on December 4th. This eclipse is the grand finale in the Scorpio/Taurus axis that started in September of 2020 and will bring the crescendo of change that this represents for you.

It’s a shadow period of time that can be very confusing and cause us to second guess ourselves and others. This will be deeply transformative as things that have been hiding in the shadows come to the surface to be released. Then clarity can come…

The ego looks at what we’re called to let go of as loss, but the soul looks at that as transcendence and liberation. You get to choose which view to take. It’s not an easy process, but it’s important soul work for growth and for calibration to a higher frequency.

Watch the full update here where I will guide you to a deeper understanding of what this really means for you and how you can ease the intensity and receive the download your soul as for you.

Much Love,

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