Are You Feeling The Intensity?

The energy has been pretty intense and all over the map over the last few weeks! You are undergoing a deep internal shift as well as navigating changes in your health, relationships, business, money, purpose, home, or family.

You likely feel like you’ve been on an emotional roller coaster that you are ready to get off!

This summer has been filled with eclipses and several retrograde planets that are contributing to how you are feeling and what is happening in your life. We are about to have a third eclipse, and final eclipse, in the wee hours on Saturday, August 11th.

These shifts are calling you to let go and open up to a new direction in some area of life, but it’s not yet clear and NOT a time to make big any decisions! All the information you need is not in yet…you have to get through all the shifts first before you can really see clearly.

So keep centered and get your sea legs on so you can ride the shifting territory of your life and not get bucked off.

I created this Vedic Astrology update for my Sacred Wealth Circle and wanted to share it with you to help you successfully navigate this pivotal time.

Click the video below.


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