Guess what? I won!

This summer I had the privilege of traveling to Denver to speak alongside two well-known and respected authors and to teach a workshop to a group of conscious business owners at the International New Age Trade Show. That was where the 21st annual COVR Visionary Awards ceremony and banquet was held. I attended with the hope of receiving an award for the Your Sacred Wealth Code book or oracle card deck. Winning an award could mean that my work would gain visibility and reach more people, which is the ultimate goal for me.

I arrived all gussied up, grabbed a plate of food from the banquet table, and barely got my tush in my seat before I heard my name being announced as a winner. Thrilled, I sprung up from my seat and headed for the stage to receive my award!!

To my surprise, by the end of the evening my arms were full of a total of eight awards including: “Product Of The Year Award” for the Your Sacred Wealth Code oracle deck and the “Gold Award in Contemporary Spirituality” for the Your Sacred Wealth Code book.

I feel so honored! I’m sending you a big heartfelt THANK YOU for voting for me. I couldn’t have won without you! These awards are determined by a combination of public and industry votes. Your vote definitely counted.

Book Awards

Oracle Card Awards

The funny thing is this wonderful blessing happened during that crazy eclipse and retrograde energy we had this summer. Good things can happen even during times of wacky energy if you are well prepared, purposefully aligned, create a great strategy, and take inspired action along the way.

You don’t have to be afraid of crazy energy! You can still move forward. You just have to know how to navigate it. That is why I share energy updates with you that include inner alignment and practical action.

Just because I know what the planetary energy is, doesn’t mean I can escape it. I create a specific strategy based on my Soul Blueprint to work with the energy instead of against it. This allows me to stay on course for what I am creating in my life and business. I support my clients in doing this, as well, so that they can ride through the turbulent times with grace.

Much Love,

P.S. The energy has cleaned up since the summer and new clarity is coming in. Stay tuned for my next energy update coming soon.

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