August Astrology – Courage, Leadership and Clarity

Prema Lee Gurreri | Soulutionary | Vedic Astrologer | Energy Update

August is a pivotal month, preparing us for the change in course that is coming next. You may be feeling heavy, tired, and ready for some answers.

Relationships will shift this month so we can communicate about things instead of just trying to keep the peace. But not until we get into the second week of August. The first week you will need to watch your words and want to spend some time alone. Take it!

Mercury, the great Communicator, also rules the intellect, and is finally moving away from the stormy eclipse pattern and its entanglement with the Magician archetype. You will have an opportunity to look back at what has happened over the last couple of months, take stock and start to make sense out of what really happened. September will bring even greater clarity, so hang in there.

Mid-month is tricky for a few days, but then you will be fortified with courage to take right action and called to step up into leadership in a big way. I will share with you in the forecast how to navigate all of this and what you need to do to be prepared to evolve into your next level of leadership.

The Full Moon on August 3rd is opening a portal to hear messages from the subtle etheric realm. I will share with you how to hear your message.

Watch this video for the full August energy forecast.

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Navigating These Changing Times

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