Fiery Leo New Moon – A Call To Lead

Prema Lee Gurreri | Soulutionary | Vedic Astrologer | Energy Update

Things are heating up! This is charted to be one of the hottest summers on record in the northern hemisphere with all the fire planets in their own constellations. We will also see the issues we are all currently facing heat up. So keep your cool! The empowering message this fiery Leo New Moon brings is a call to lead.

When the sun is in Leo, the King/Queen is in their own kingdom and inspiring you to lead your mission from the heart. For the next 30 days you will be supported with the creativity, passion, and inspiration to bring your soul desire down to Earth.

What are you here to lead?

There is also a rare planetary alignment happening with this New Moon that helps us to untie our karmic knots and release old patterns that are keeping us stuck. So whatever frustration, aggravation, or block you have coming to the surface, it’s high time to release it.

Watch this video and I will share with you how to navigate this powerful energy.

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