[Video] Be Inspired

The two brightest planets, Venus (the Connector) and Jupiter (the Teacher), are in a powerful position through the end of the month, that is calling you to get out and be inspired by the beauty of our amazing planet and connect with people and places that LIGHT you up.

Inspiration leads to passion and those two energies will supercharge your creativity, so you can bring fresh brilliance to your current project and purposeful work in the world.

Next month we will rock and roll in a more unstable time with two eclipses. I will talk more about that in the beginning of August.

So for now, the grace and inspiration and passion are in your wings… use it to ENJOY your life and fly forward. Spend your precious time with enjoyable people that inspired you to discover the beauty in your world. Stay away from the people and places that perspire you.

Click the video below where I share all about energy.

Much Love,


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