[Video] What’s your movement?

You have a movement to create that is like a divine key that unlocks something important in the world that only YOU can unlock.

What’s your movement?

Your high-value gifts drive your Purpose.
Your purpose drives mission.
Your mission drives your MOVEMENT.

I was teaching this in one of my groups and receive guidance from my “Messenger” (one of my Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes) to share it with you to help you step into your greatness… because the world needs you more than ever.

Watch the short video below.

Much Love,


P.S. I would love to hear what your movement is! Post what it is in the comments below, or join my Free Facebook Sacred Wealth Community and share your movement there.


3 thoughts on “[Video] What’s your movement?

  1. My high-value gift is helping women relieve stress by fulfilling their soul’s calling.
    My purpose is to help women career professionals and entrepreneurs fulfill their soul’s calling, step into their greatness and prosper as leaders to transform workplaces, businesses, communities and the world.
    My mission is to help women fulfill their soul’s calling and social consciousness to evolve people and the planet.

  2. Thanks Prema. What I really like about your videos are the questions you ask us to reflect upon. I find that these really help me clarify who I am and what my purpose is on earth. The messages I received was that I was to start a world wide movement and this has been a little out of my comfort zone to say the least !! I now have a book out at Balboa Press and just held the first copy in my hands last Friday. So exciting and amazing. So please continue to ask your very important and wise questions and we shall continue to ponder the answers the universe gives us. One step forward at a time is what I am being told
    Most sincerely,
    ps : website under construction but gave it here anyhow

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Congrats on your book!! It is my purpose and great pleasure to help you and others connect with your gifts, your soul, and essentially your greatness. That is an inside job and I love to open the door. Do you have my book? It has lots of great questions in it to help you on your sacred wealth path.


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