Black Moon – The Light in the Dark

Did you know when you close your eyes that you reduce the sensory input to your brain by as much as 80%? That’s a huge amount of info, data, garbage, and programming you bypass by simply closing your eyes.

You’re usually processing so much random information that your mental circuits get jammed with junk, leaving you little access to your inspiration, intuition, and creative genius.

There is a light in the dark.

When you close your eyes there is a light in the dark. You can see and hear things that are far too subtle to compete for mental space with the usual bombardment of all the stuff coming at you in your everyday life.

In homeopathic medicine the more diluted a remed y is, the more subtle it is. The more subtle it is, the more potent it is. Your intuition, insight, and soul’s whisper is much the same. Subtle yet potent. It’s often drowned out by the whirlwind of the world.

Close your eyes and see the light in the dark. No wait!
Read this to the end. Then close your eyes.

Meditation is a great practice for tuning out the chaos and tuning into YOU and beyond. I confess I meditate almost daily. Sometimes for 5 minutes and sometimes 20. That keeps me REAL. It’s like preventive medicine and keeps me mentally detoxed. It always connects me to a flood of peace, inspiration, intuitive insight, and to my sometimes elusive creative genius. That’s what works for me.

When I find myself spinning around doing dishes, checking email, searching the internet, sending texts and NOT doing what’s really important… like writing my wealth code book, the best thing I can do is to close my eyes and reboot. It can take as little as a couple of mindful minutes.

Here is why I’m singing the praises of the light in the dark…

Today is a black moon. It’s the second new moon of the month. In Vedic Astrology the moon represents the light of your consciousness and when the moon is full and bright with the suns light it’s beckoning us to bring something to fruition and get our “shine on” in the world. On a new moon the moon is dark and it’s high time to seek your abundance with your inner light and bring your inner gems forth in your life to start something new.

This black new moon is a particularly might time for seeing your inner light and practically manifesting your creative genius. I invite you to carve out some time on this new moon to open up and hear the deeper whispers of your soul. There’s something magnificent that wants to come to the surface and grow new roots in your life or your business.

Here are some Q’s to open you up to your greatness:

What does my soul want me to do?
What does my soul want me to listen to?
What does my soul want me to let go of?
What does my soul want me to nourish?
What does my soul want me to trust?
What does my soul want me to birth?

What will that make possible for me?

What is one inspired action I can take today?

Be sure to take inspired action. That is the practical step that often gets left out. The fear of the unknown is one of the deepest root fears we have and can keep us from inspired action. It has the potential to rob us of potent possibilities and opportunities. It often road blocks us from what we truly desire to create for ourselves and for the world. 

The divine works in mysterious ways. We don’t get to know what will happen with birthing something new until we follow our inspirations with action… one step at a time. Remember that you’re always at choice. The next set of choices will usually not be revealed until you take action. 

This is every day wisdom. 

I invite you to use this powerful new moon energy to help you easily access the whisper of your soul. 

I call this riding the energy. A warm sunny day is a great time to go to the beach and get a tan. The winter is a great time to enjoy the thrill of skiing down a beautiful mountain slope. The new moon is a great time to enjoy a dark sky where you can see further into the heavens and enjoy the diamond light of many stars. It’s also a perfect time to tune in to your inner cosmos to reveal your inner diamonds, hear the music of your soul, and set your divine intention for birthing what’s next for you.

 Leave a comment and tell me what you are birthing and what your inspired action is.


Much Love,


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