Unpack Your Gift

What’s your gift? You have many.

What’s one of your gifts that you and the world would benefit from you giving?


Here’s the thing about gifts… they are meant to be given. Most people are NOT giving their gifts. They’re afraid they will not be accepted, or are not good enough, or that they won’t be able to make money with their divine gifts.

Psst… Your gifts are your gold mine. Give them and you will start mining the gold instead of sitting on it.

I won’t lie. There are no guarantees. I do know that giving your gifts will only lead to goodness. It may not lead to what you thought it would, but it will lead you to a deeper level of fulfillment and being more authentically YOU. And the world needs your flavor of what you have to give.

After many years of helping people find their purpose and connect with their prosperity in their Soul Success Map through the lens of Vedic Astrology, it became loud and clear to me that your divine gifts are inherently your ticket to both your purpose and your prosperity. It’s a key part of your Sacred Wealth Code.

It was using my gifts of intuition, being a truth seeker, and the ability to see behind the scenes of things where others couldn’t that led me to discover the truth about our divine gifts and help others create true and meaningful wealth. I had been giving those gifts in different ways throughout my life. In fact, I couldn’t help myself from giving them. From a young age friends, family, and even strangers come to me for counsel and advice to help them through their challenges and to get what they truly wanted in life. Others coming to me for my gifts was the safe way to give them. They were saying, “hey I want what you have”.

It becomes risky when YOU say, “here’s what I have to give you”.

You’re already giving your gifts in one way or another. I know you are. You can’t help it. Gifts are designed to be given, so they will find their way out to someone wanting to receive your brilliance! But if you want to be prosperous doing what you love it’s time to take more risks by deciding what gift you want to give and give it.

Here’s what you do:

1) Pick one of your divine gifts and unpack it today. Write it down.

2) Take it out and get to know it by writing three things your gift is good for. How will it help others?

3) Decide how you want to give it. And give it. Today.

Write in the comments below what your gift is and how you are going to give it.

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Unpack Your Gift

  1. Well a challenge for many but am willing to give this a go as I like what and how you clearly say things to help others. So one of my gift is to be an attentive and intuitive listener. This helps others by making them feel heard but also opens them up to being healed and balanced by me. From the initial sharing I gather the main idea behind the source of pain anger sadness unease etc and then can balance the energies leaving them more centered and at peace. I do this outside of my teaching job and feel stretched for time and energy. However each time I help I feel great so I keep going hoping one day to do this full time. That’s my sharing and thanks for asking. Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn,

      You are doing really good work! I get that it can be a stretch when you have a full time job too. Doing your soul calling will leave you nourished. Do you want to be doing this healing work full time?

      Love, Prema

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