Discover the Power of the Magician Archetype

Yes, you have a Magician Archetype within you and it’s one of the cards in the Sacred Wealth Code Oracle Deck.
The Magician is a unique, highly-intelligent, ingenious manifestor whose fluency in both the laws of the universe and the laws of science make it possible to create, acquire, and make things happen in the world.

Magician’s Soul Desire: To create freedom and make dreams come true.

Magician’s Purpose: To be present and attend to universal laws and use them to freely manifest on the earthly plane for the benefit of all.

Magician’s Shadow: Manipulative, Egocentric, Narcissistic, Overly Materialistic.

As a Magician, you’re a dynamic master transformer and manifestor with equal footing in both the seen and unseen worlds. You expertly transform situations, influence others, and manifest your vision on the earthly plane for the benefit of humanity.

Click below to watch this short video with Jennifer Kaplan, Life Purpose and Leadership Coach, and Horse Whisperer. We dive deep into how to access the power, magic, high-value gifts, and breakthrough the shadow of the Magician.

Jennifer even used the Magician to manifest her dream car!

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