3 Ways This Mercury Retrograde is Helpful

It’s that time again… Mercury Retrograde starts today. I know it seems like Mercury is always going retrograde, but there is a gift in every retrograde.
When planets are retrograde they are strong for what they represent and always good for something!

Here are the 3 things this retrograde is good for:

Spiritual Wealth: There is a portal open that will help you to deepen your spiritual devotion, so you can be more consistently aligned with the divine in you and realize more spiritual wealth. Make time for meditation and devotional practices.

Creativity: Your creativity will be alive, because right brain creative energy will be easier to access. You will naturally be able to think out-of-the-box to create something new. Keep your paint brushes, pens and paper, art supplies, or design program handy.

Communication: You will have greater access to communicate about your creative ideas and inspirations. Communication is a high value gift and keeps us connected with each other, the world, and the divine. Whatever your favorite medium of communication is, writing, art, spoken word, body language, media, etc… use it… or try a new one to express yourself.

The Communicator is one of Mercury’s Archetypes.

The Communicator knows the power of words to educate, inform, uplift, grow, transcend, open possibilities, and connect to the truth. Communicators gather, process, and share information to help uplift humanity.

Mantra: “Words have power.”

Soul Desire: To be a channel for clarity.

Purpose: To speak the truth, and illuminate clarity and understanding for the positive growth of humanity.

Shadow: Overwhelmed. Sarcastic. Blunt. Pessimistic.

Click below to watch this short interview with Julia Manson Cheng, Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher. She shares how the Communicator Archetype’s high value gifts helped her to overcome her fear expressing herself and being seen, so she could step out on a bigger platform.


P.S. Click here to catch the replay of “Discover the Power of the Magician”.

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