Full Moon December 2022 Vedic Astrology | Manifest Your Dreams


The magical Full Moon (Queen, Great Nurturer) on December 7th is fired up by the planet Mars (Honorable Warrior, Engineer) and very powerful for manifesting your heart’s desires!

It’s happening in the sign of Taurus at 21 degrees in Vedic Astrology, in the potent lunar mansion of Rohini where the Moon is exalted. The Moon spends more time in Rohini than any other place in the zodiac because it is full of shakti, the divine feminine energy of growth and creation.

Mars retrograde is joining this Full Moon at the same degree and bringing in a lot of passion and drive to create your dreams… and courage to breakthrough and heal your limiting beliefs and blocks to doing so.

Join me as we use this potent energy in the Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle to set our intentions to consciously create our dreams and clear the limiting beliefs, and programming that are blocking us.

Watch the forecast and I will guide you to harness this powerful comic energy.

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