Full Moon January 2024 Astrology | What you must know

The first Full Moon of the year is on January 25th. It is in the sensitive sign of Cancer at 11 degrees in Vedic Astrology.

It is happening in the magical nakshatra of Pushya, which will bring a lot of emotional currency to this Full Moon. It can heighten our intuition and activate our empathic abilities.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Great Nurturer) and is a very emotional, nurturing, and devotional sign. In Cancer we are called to embrace our power of vulnerability.

If you are an empath you will feel this very strongly!

As empaths we often give too much of ourselves, absorb the energy of others
and feel the pain of the world.

In the Full Moon Healing Circle (link words full moon healing circle) we will be:

  • Clearing stuck emotional energy,
  • Recalibrating our emotional needs
  • Learning to protect our energetics
  • Activating our self nurturing

So, we use our empathic gifts to grow what is most important to us and not get lost in the energy of others.

Watch the Full Moon forecast video and I will share how to navigate the energy of this magical Full Moon.


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