January 2024 Astrology Forecast | Unlocking Your Future

Happy New Year!

I am excited about this New Year and I hope you are too, because the year starts off with a powerful energy shift that can really move things in a new direction for us.

Jupiter has just gone direct after months of retrograde and starts us off with hope, optimism, faith and higher vision as long as we lean into wisdom and truth.

Mercury has also just gone direct and will help us form clear plans for what we want to consciously create going forward this year.

Uranus will finally go direct at the end of the month, so get ready for something unexpected.

With four planets in Sagittarius this month there is a big focus on our soul purpose, beliefs and spiritual teachings.

💫 In my annual Divinely Align – Vedic Astrology Forecast, Visioning & Healing for 2024 (link class name) I will share about the most important transits and cosmic energies you need to know about to successfully navigate the new year.

Watch the forecast and I will share the most important things that you need to know about how to best navigate this energy.


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