January New Moon 2021 Vedic Astrology Forecast

Prema Lee Gurreri | Soulutionary | Vedic Astrologer | Energy Update

  Happy New Year! Did you wake up on January 1st ready for things to look different… and then didn’t? Instead you found yourself with a 2020 hang over. Well, you’re not alone. This year started with energy carried over from 2020, but the energy will be shifting.

In the Vedic system the New Year starts on the first New Moon after the winter solstice. This New Moon on January 12th marks the start of the new cycle for the year and is the perfect time to activate your intentions and soul goals to bring about a purposeful and fulfilling year.

Things are not going to change over night, but there is a new energy slowly coming in. This supportive New Moon brings hope, supports the right use of power and deep humanitarian concern for all beings, and has the power to grant us with victory over our challenges.

All the planets expect for one are either in or marching towards Capricorn where we will a rare conjunction. This will be an extreme time of focus, concentration, and commitment.

Watch the video below and I will share with you how to best use the New Moon energy, navigate the January transits, and get ready for the intense focus of February.


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